In Early March, 2017, there was a UFO sighting over Syria reported to the authorities by local syrian community members that had been watching the unidentified-flying-object come below the clouds, aka a little too close for comfort. Once the authorities were notified, the Syrian military mulled over they’re options of action while the country was under complete panic. The Syrian government & military decided it’d be best to shoot down the UFO with two high calibre 3” 76mm turrets set behind concrete shelters specific for them.

Displayed in the video, the UFO was taken down swiftly while Syrian government officials are very apparently concerned about how the flying craft would land. Luckily, it was shot down over the Syrian desert and no one was hurt from the crash landing. Minimal to no context was given after this point by the authorities for obvious reasons… but we take it upon ourselves to push the boundaries as far as possible to get the truth here on Completely Weird!

Watch this short video of a unidentified flying object being shot down over Syria.

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